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Exclusive Concept - Rovere

Faithfully representing Rovere – Exclusive Concept, a citadel which is an architectural extension of the self, the Kubo craftsmen team shows what is beyond this special residential complex. This detailed 1:72 scale model is intended for showroom and exhibitions. Usually, safety, elegance and uniqueness, the attributes of Rovere become the tangible visual benefits associated with the properties apartments. This automatically enables a transfer to a different place and context. What makes it more intimate is the control one has by framing the scale model first and then by focusing on the 27/7 surveillance technology, a subtle yet powerful promise. Moreover, both the interior and exterior architecture is highlighted by enchanting terraces and green geometrical spaces, an integration of a kind nature into a domestic sphere. An unspoken language which doesn’t allow any invasion, but a relaxing zone where one can peruse or disseminate ideas by the two swimming pools. The water looks very vivid as the model features a play with light, inviting to settle down. The layout of the residential complex encompasses the exterior parking lot and the nearby road with cars on the move. The physical path of a thought process and the intelligent use of smaller spaces contribute to the idea of a whole, a gripping one, where no hiatus interrupts.

Filled with life and its extensions, accessorizing is essential to the eye and nothing is left for the obscure. Structural hierarchy is enhanced by lounge chairs, little coffee tables, showers and the gym facility.

What becomes obvious in refocusing attention to motion is the one way passage through parking options for any car type.

The subterranean slide of the car carries the keen eye towards the actual inner workings of the system, the hidden storage areas with increasing ease and curiosity. Simultaneously following a rhythmic sequence and a random outlook, everything seems connected.