Water Treatment Plant

This functional 1:24 water treatment station scale model ensures the layout and process of the water flow. Intended to educate and motivate interested individuals regarding C&V’s hold on the environmental must, the IntelliK stations are actually containers that hold surface water.

The viewer can witness the entire technological process that delivers drinkable water (just like a “How it’s Made” show), the ins and outs of the whole plant. Water plays a key role in the simulation. Physico-chemical treatment of surface water needs a compact space, the premise of our design. Next, the theory is put into practice before our eyes by a tubular reactor which provides high driving forces, diminishing along the way. A two-sided lamellar clarifier is added in the distribution system which screens up the water.

Once the water has been filtered into a container, it is then absorbed using a centrifugal pump, streaming it in two filters used to reduce hypothetical turbidity. Great care must sustain the imagination process, as the chlorination assures adequate disinfection. Thus, a glass of fresh tap water requires a set of strict criteria to attain the desired quality.