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Interactive Airplane

Simulation can take many forms. What we have here is a physical simulation of a larger airplane. The craftsmen at Kubo masterfully responded to the aviation industry’s requirements.

Not only that but in order to proficiently carry out the results, we need to build around a strong core conducive to fitting visions.

The role of the dynamically 1:50 scaled airplane models were built in support of the Universal Alloy Corporation project, the global leader in the manufacture of aerospace products. Moreover, the entire collection of six airplanes was successfully showcased across the United States, Austria, France, Switzerland, and Romania.

The objective is to emphasize the diversity of components destined for multiple aircrafts, and so we find the unique airplane in a take-off position, nicely supported by a top-calibre interactive platform. Design challenges are fuelled by a model which cannot be placed in any specific class, therefore configuration extended the conventional. In order to increase marketability and give a tangible futuristic impression, the lighting that is reflected into the surface material makes prospective clients feel in control of the detail.

More to the point, the functional mapping, first in its entirety, then through its fragments is geometrically enclosed and plays the role of an installation. The client is able to probe the small into the whole (and observe its role). Interactive light exposure follows the cause and effect pattern.

In addition to the developmental efforts, the materials consist of 3D print, ABS, fiberglass, forex, plexiglass, MDF, computer, electrical, and electronic components.

A reusable packaging was created, in order to facilitate their international transport, allowing the movement of the models in different locations.